Swedish Finn Association
Swedish Finn Association 1954 was formed. First Swedish Championships for the Finn was sailed in 1955 on Lake Siljan. Swedish Champion at that time became Finnjollens designer Rickard Sarby. Swedish Finnjolle Association is one of the national associations of International Finn Association. Our goal is to develop Swedish Finn Sailing - providing excellent service to members and work in various ways to "increase the breadth." The community spirit and great competitions, is essential to achieve the goal of getting more people to sail Finnjolle, Olympic dinghy in 64 years, 1952 -2016.
The Swedish National Team
Next generation Finn sailors

FINNFARE november 2016 More images desired to the website! Christmas gift ideas!
Stickers and embroidery badge Pata - Lemieux från 2002 till salu! Dutch Championships 2016
Olympic sailing in Rio de Janeiro in 2016 Olympic sailing in Rio de Janeiro in 2016 Olympic sailing in Rio de Janerio 2016 More images desired to the website!
Pata FX1 2015 till salu! U23 sailors - Swedish Finn Sailing future! Erik Åberg the winner of Sweden Cup 2016 More images desired to the website!

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FINNFARE november 2016 (Published 2016-10-28)

Nu finns novembernumret av FINNFARE publicerat på Internationella Finnjolleförbundets hemsida.
Gå in på länken till IFA,s hemsida:

Seglarhälsningar Torsten Jarnstam / SWE 111
Ordförande Svenska Finnjolleförbundet

Photographer: Robert Deaves / Finn Class
Svenska Sjö - båtförsäkring för båtfolk av båtfolk,
nu i samarbete med Svenska Finnjolleförbundet
Logga för Svenska Sjö