Swedish Finn Association was formed in 1954 and is one of the national associations of International Finn Association. Our goal is to develop Swedish Finn Sailing - providing excellent service to members and work in various ways to "increase the breadth." The community spirit and great competitions, is essential to achieve the goal of getting more people to sail the Finn, Olympic dinghy in 65 years, 1952 - 2017.

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The training camp in Karlstad 22-23 april   (17-04-24)
As planned, the training camp was completed in Karlstad during the weekend.  
There were 10 Finnjolleseglare who had heard the invitation and the weight Saturday-Sunday to be able to fill their knowledge bank with tips and suggestions on how to sail a Finnjolle as quickly as possible during Tonny Nyrén's coaching.
Then on Saturday it was far too much. Did we have to go to theory, look at how different masters bend etc.
By the end of the day, Erik, Fredrik and Johannes would defy the hard and cool winds and poured out on the water. During the approximately hour that the guys were wrestled with the hard wind, the other participants were allowed to act as spectators on land.

The sun, on the other hand, offered sunshine, about 10 plus degrees and a fairly strong northern wind. On the water we could run different speed exercises in smaller groups. The participants were practiced to "start" with race on short courses. A number of short-term finishing races with 3 minutes preparation time and two turns on a fairly long run were conducted.
During the last race, a very windy wind farm crossed the field. Everybody stood up, but it was a big challenge for many of the less experienced sailors. When the wind farm had passed, it became almost windless and the sailors got a calm and calm seal at KKF's club building.

Sailing Greetings Torsten Jarnstam / SWE 111
Chairman of the Swedish Finnjolleförbundet  
Swedish Championships for Finnjolle and OK-jolle 2   (17-04-20)
Welcome to Sweden, Åmål, SSÅV and the 2017 Finn- and OK-dinghy Swedish National Championship 11 - 13 of August.  
Click on the link below, then you will find the SS Åmålsviken website!

Sailing Greetings Torsten Jarnstam / SWE 111
Chairman of the Swedish Finn Association  
Svenska Mästerskapen för Finnjolle och OK-jolle 2017 
GKSS Olympic Class Regatta 2017   (17-04-13)
The first Sweden Cup regatta is sailed in Långedrag Saturday-Sunday 6-7 May and it is GKSS Olympic Class Regatta, which is the first in the year 2017 Sweden Cup series.  
Click the link below to reach invitation to GKSS OCR 2017!

Sailing Greetings Torsten Jarnstam / SWE 111
Chairman Swedish Finn Association  
GKSS OCR 2017 
Happy Easter desired members!   (17-04-13)
Swedish Finn Association Board wishes members and all other Happy Easter!
Soon we start racing again.  
The first Finn regatta is in Långedrag, GKSS Olympic Class Regatta sailed on Saturday and Sunday May 6 to 7 GKSS OCR included in the Sweden Cup and is the first in this year's Sweden Cup series.

Sailing Greetings Torsten Jarnstam / SWE 111
Chairman Swedish Finn Association  
Training camp April 22 to 23 in Karlstad   (17-04-13)
Soon the time out to sign up for "getting started training camp for Finn" in Karlstad Saturday and Sunday 22 to 23 April.  
Under coach Tonny Nyréns leadership we will, among other things to check settings for mast and sail, and of course to have training on the water ... videotaping and analysis on the ground. Target group: young and old!
Cost Senior SEK 350 for coach and food during the camp.
Registration for torstenjarnstam (et) yahoo.se by April 15!

Sailing Greetings Torsten Jarnstam / SWE 111
Chairman Swedish Finn Association  
You who are young - do you want to test sail Finn?   (17-04-08)
To safeguard the Swedish Finn Sailing future, the Swedish Finn Association's board of directors decided to support in various ways sailors up to 23 years.  
Among other things, the Swedish Finn Association members, we are able to lend Finn dinghies, to the young people who are interested to test sail Finn, but still sails example laser.
You are young and want to test sail Finn - please contact

Sailing Greetings Torsten Jarnstam / SWE 111
Chairman Swedish Finn Association  
Racing Rules of Sailing 2017-2020   (17-04-06)
"Now Racing Rules of Sailing RRS 2017-2020 in pdf format.  
The book is under pressure and we will return as soon as it is ready. "
Click the link below to reach the SSF's website and link to the RRS 2017-2020 in pdf format!

Sailing Greetings Torsten Jarnstam / SWE 111
Chairman Swedish Finn Association  
Svenska Seglarförbundets hemsida 
What is Finn-dinghy?
The dinghy was designed by Rickard Sarby 1949 and has been on every Olympic Games since 1952. It is the largest one-man dinghy you can sail and many famous helmsmen have a record of the class. It is technologically advanced and evolving. The good atmosphere between finn-sailors are well known. Join us!

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