Swedish Finn ?

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GER 110  neumann1@arcor.de 2005-12-03 13:56

on the startpage of my website


you find a photo of red finn.

Is it a Swedish Finn ?


Petter Ivarsson   2005-12-05 17:29
It does not look familiar to me or like any other boat that I have seen in Sweden. But who knows, i hav not seen all Finns :). It looks to me that like the boat is built in the sixties.

I think that Mikael Brandt, one of he Swedish Finn-legends may have som info. You find him on this site at 'addresses'.
GER 110   2005-12-06 23:04
Petter, thank you very much.
We found out, that it is probably a spanish ROGA-Finn.
aa  ates44imha@gmail.com 2011-10-04 15:53

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